Important Documents You Should Check Before Hiring a Contractor

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Experience, skills, references – these are just some of the top credentials most homeowners are looking for in choosing a professional home contractor to build or repair their homes.


If you are doing some research on the essential requirements you should ask your contractors for, you may have already heard the terms ‘insured’, ‘bonded’, or ‘licensed’. All of these are important factors you have to pay attention to in order to make sure you are hiring the right people.

The insurance, bonding, and licenses can be checked by asking the potential home contractor to present necessary written documents; but first, you should know what each document is for and why each of them is important.


Every certified contractor should have a license. Prior to starting to work as a licensed professional, your contractor should prove that they are truly skilled and right for the job. In some areas, to be able to secure a license as a contractor, an individual should pass an examination.


Before hiring a licensed contractor, you have to make sure that they are properly insured. There are two types of insurance you should be looking for:

General liability insurance – Sometimes simply called liability insurance, this protects your property that might be damaged by the contractor (or subcontractors) while working on your property.

Workers’ compensation – This insurance protects you from any responsibility in case a worker gets injured within your premises while working.


A bond is provided by a private company to the contractor. It is an agreement between you and the contractor to give you an assurance that the contractor will complete the job. In case the contractor did not complete the job or completed a job you are not satisfied with and refused to repair it, the company that has issued the bond should provide you, the homeowner, with compensation.

Other things to consider:

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