How to Deal With Poor Workmanship

8 Jun No Comments

Sometimes, it takes many years to finally save enough money to have your own home built. For most people, building a house of their own is a dream come true.


Because this is such an important event, it’s only natural for us to want only the best materials used for constructing our homes. Of course, all of us want a home that will last for a long time – a home built with skill, meticulousness, and quality.


The thing is, most times, we can only find out if the contractor’s job is well done once they have completed the construction. In some cases, poor work quality will only start to show after a few months, once the rainy or winter months come and test your newly built home’s durability.


But how do you check for poor workmanship? If you notice something poorly built, what do you do about it?


After the construction is completed, the contractor usually takes the homeowner for a walkthrough to show the results and to attend to questions that may come up about the construction.


During the walkthrough, pay close attention to even the littlest of details – tiles were perfectly aligned, every switch working properly, HVAC systems easy to control, windows and doors smoothly opened and shut. This is also your window to ask the contractor about the warranty of the work done, the lifespan of each of the material so you know when you might need to repair it, as well as the proper maintenance of these materials for you to know what you should do to prolong its longevity.


If you have missed some details and only noticed them a few days after the construction, properly document any detail you feel that’s not right about the construction. For an instance, if you have just noticed that the newly installed window isn’t perfectly straight, take a photo of it for proper documentation.


Once you have any concerns about the construction, call the company right away for repair – and do not attempt to do the repair yourself. Trying to fix it yourself might just make the problem worse.


Poor workmanship might also only show once your home was tested against heavy rainfalls. Watch out for leaks and if you encounter leakage just on the first rainfall your home has gone through after being built – call the construction company for inspection and repair.